It’s not rocket science…it’s about the basics
Sanjiv Luthra, EVP Employer Health

Photo of a Mobile Health Application being used as a digital health tool

The new rage in employer benefit offerings

Digital health tools are the new rage in employer benefit offerings. Not only are they being touted as cost-effective vehicles for helping employees be more engaged in their health, they are…

And Why Your Employees Need One Now

The KnowYourMeds Digital Health Assistant

The Summary

Most employees find managing their health difficult.

They are not very good at being compliant with taking medications, adhering to treatment protocols or conducting timely provider follow-ups. They need new tools and services for better managing their health.

That’s where digital…


KnowYourMeds is a digital health assistant that uses AI and machine learning to educate, inform and motivate you to better manage your health.

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